Domaine de Romefort is located at a distance of 20 kilometers from the university town of Limoges . Limoges has approximately 150,000 inhabitants and is well known for its porcelain and enamel. There are many museums and lots of possibilities for a daytrip or a night on the town. At only 5 minutes from Domaine de Romefort you can find the medieval village of St. Léonard de Noblat . The old village centre is beautiful and the famous church has a special architecture. It is a well-known tourist village and often markets and interesting events are organized here.

45 minutes from Romefort there is a vast nature resort surrounding the Lac de Vassiviere. This lake measures 10 square kilometres and has many beaches and offers plenty of possibilities for water sports.

The forests in the vicinity are great for hiking and mountainbiking. It is a 15-minutes-drive from the nice Domaine to Lac de St. Hélène (see picture above). This is a nice recreational lake.The beach of this lake has a lifeguard and is suitable for all kinds of activities.

Between Saint Léonard de Noblat and Domaine de Romefort, the river La Vienne flows. In 2000 this river was equipped for canoes. There are slides next to the dams for canoes, so that you can canoe for hours on end. Alongside the river there are many watermills that are still in use.

The hills are very suitable for biking. You can choose to go by mountain bike through the forests or with a racing bike over the small roads.




St. Leonard de Noblat

Lac de Vassiviere


Using Google Earth you can discover the surroundings. Klik hier to see Romefort. If you don't have Google Earth installed, hier klikken to download this program for free.

The swimmingpool area has enough places where you can relax and enjoy the sun or be active.

Domaine de Romefort 87400 St. Léonard de Noblat Haute Vienne France

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